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PD Place acts as your professional development repository allowing you to track, manage, and report on all professional development activities. We add a management layer to your content, which means that you can fit PD Place over your current processes.

PD Planning

Individual Plan:

PD Place allows for self propelled Professional Development. Staff are engaged in their professional development and PD Place creates a portfolio of everything you’ve taken. You can see your external training and facilitate coaching with mentoring.

Strategic Plan:

PD Place helps with your organization's strategic plan by offering specific learning plans and helping with capacity planning. You’ll know which classes are the most popular and when you may need to add more instances of a course when current instances fill up.

PD Planning
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Conferences, Workshops, In-Services


PD Place helps keep you organized by having users register for PD opportunities online and then helping with the release time management. No more lost papers and manual data entry.

Waiting Lists:

PD Place gives you the availability to cap maximum course size and have additional interested individuals added to a waiting list. The list can auto promote and alert you once it hits a certain size to let you know that you can schedule another offering.


If you have a course that requires payment for attendance, PD Place can facilitate the payment and manage the logistics (early bird, different rates for different groups, etc.).

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Online Courses

Public / External:

With the External and public Training, PD Place helps users track all of their professional development and training, including those hosted outside of the workplace. This allows staff to provide their organization with a complete picture of their ongoing and completed activities. This feature also allows administrators to track and manage tuition and fee reimbursement for staff as they can submit expenses within the system.


PD Place supports E-learning by making the logistics of course registration and reporting easy! Administrators can create courses and upload mandatory content that must be reviewed before a course takes place. You’ll love how easy tracking on site, external, and online training can be.

Digital Resources:

PD Place allows for resources such as Video Files, Audio Files, URLs, Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations to be available to users on-demand. Resources are available for users to review when it’s convenient for them or as part of an orientation process. Additionally, resources can be set as “private” so outside registrants do not have access to them. Administrators can also link resources to a specific course as prerequisite reading materials.

PD Place Online Courses
PD Integration



Email notifications are automatic with PD Place. You can email all attendees of a certain class or target group, and automatically notify staff of lapsing certifications. It can be configured to integrate with your current email system or to work from our servers.

LDAP / Active Directory:

Based on your active directory credentials, we can pass through information and use predefined employee groups.

Communication Platform


PD Place streamlines communication for administrators and users with its built-in automatic email feature. Users are automatically sent registration confirmations, event change and cancellation notifications, wait-list notifications and more. Administrators also have the ability to notify groups about upcoming professional development opportunities based on interest or area of discipline. Users can send custom emails to instructors and administration for quick and easy communication from within the system.


We know that most organizations are using fractured calendar systems (Google, iCal, Outlook, etc.). PD Place creates calendars for both individuals and for all event searching, plus it integrates with iCal, ICS, and Outlook. This way the users can use whichever system they feel the most comfortable with; we fit over your processes.

Scheduling and Approvals:

PD Place makes scheduling your events easy. It provides conflict checking (personal, room, and class) and mentorship facilitation. PD Place can also help with your substitution management though integrations with substitute management systems. PD Place can handle all of your approvals.

Message Boards:

The PD Place Support Forum is a place where users can connect with each other and ask questions, find solutions, or just share knowledge on how to get the best uses out of PD Place.

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Certification and Compliance

Mandatory Compliance:

PD Place provides the capability to add videos and documents while tracking who has read or viewed the content and when. This is essential when it comes to keeping track of mandatory compliance or new staff hires and relieves the administrative burden of ensuring everyone is up to date. Policy management can be done this way, with an employee having to indicate that they have read and understood a policy.


PD Place has a built-in qualifications module for tracking of recurrent certifications that must be completed within a specific amount of time. Specific rules can be set up to apply to groups of individuals within your organization. Such rules specify the credits or credit hours required as well as the renewal period. Users are able to register for courses in PD Place to complete their qualification requirements, and can track their progress in the system. As well, PD Place sends out reminders when a qualification is close to expiration.

Prerequisite Verification:

Prerequisite verification is automatic so that administrators and management do not have to keep track of specific employees. It will make sure that the prerequisite criteria have been met before allowing for registration.

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